Financial Literacy for Everyone

Be a Money Superhero

Join the Guardians of the Galaxy in this exciting new comic about the importance of saving money and teaching kids about wants and needs.

Credit & Debt

Used wisely, credit is a powerful financial tool; but if used carelessly, it can lead to a heavy debt load. Whether you've accumulated debt or are considering credit options, understanding the essentials of credit and debt management will help you remain on solid financial ground.

Credit Cards

It's essential to understand all the features of any credit card you take out. Here, we explore interest rates, credit limit and fees, as well as your rights when you sign up for a credit card. Read more

Credit History

Your credit history will determine how much you can borrow and the interest rate you pay. It’s an essential tool lenders use when deciding whether to lend you money. Find out more about your credit history here. Read more


Taking charge of your debts is the first step to financial freedom. Learn about how you can keep on top of your debts in this section. Read more

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious problem. If you are the victim of identity theft you can find out here about who you need to tell and what you can do to protect yourself against theft of your personal information. Read more