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Financial Aid

Although you might think the cost of a university education is out of reach, many can and do afford it with help from the government. Depending on your household income level, you may qualify for a package of grants and loans to help cover the expenses of a tertiary degree.

Of course, not everyone who applies receives help. The idea is to find out more about what you may be entitled to.

Student Allowance

The New Zealand government provides an allowance for many students, which does not have to be paid back, to cover living expenses while studying.

Student Loan

Student loans are also available to residents of New Zealand and others. Student loans differ from a student allowance in that they have to be paid back. They can be taken out to cover the cost of courses and other expenses to do with studying.

Extra Help

The New Zealand government also offers other financial assistance packages. The best place to go to find out about financial assistance available is for more information.